JavaScript file taking very long to parse

We have a JavaScript file (.js) that is essentially a string bundle.

The file is mostly this:

var enBundle =

There are 691 lines in the file, of which approximately 670 are field
names with localized text values.

For some reason IDEA takes a very long time to parse and inspect the
file, around 2 minutes with full inspection, a couple of seconds with
Hector set to not inspect anything.

On a different machine it took several minutes even when inspection was
turned off.

It doesn't seem logical that parsing for JavaScript errors of this
simple object with around 700 fields would take so long.

It seems like a bug, may be in the JavaScript language plug-in, as I
have Java files that are 10 times longer and take about 10 seconds to
inspect with full inspections on.

Do other people experience this?


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