Ignored files not being ignored by Perforce

I have a project that generates some source files, I dont want this generated code under version control(Perforce) but obviously I want it available as source to my project.

At the top level there is a little icon next to the directory structure that maybe indicates the directory is under VCS (Folder icon with blue square), however the folder is not checked into VCS. When I do a Ctrl+T to update from the repository I get an error message to say the directory is not under VCS and the update fails. I have added the directories to the ignored files dialogue and that has had no impact. The only way I can get Perforce to update the projects is to exclude these directories from source whil eI update, but then my compiles fail because the generated classes are not visible. Is there any way to stop Perforce trying to update these files that it knows about whilst keeping them visible in the IDE as source?

I am using Intellij Idea 10.0.3

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