Clipboard Contents

I have a question about a minor "edge case" issue I've recently encountered.

I find that contents I copy in IDEA 10.x cannot be pasted directly into an application running in a Remote Desktop session.  However, if I paste it into a local application, then copy that from the local application, I can paste it into the app running in the Remote Desktop session.

The reason this comes up is because I connect via VPN to a client using the client's supplied computer, but develop with IDEA on a much more powerful workstation in my office. I keep a Remote Desktop session opened to the client's computer so I can access their internal e-mail, chat, shared drives, etc. I often need to copy a code snippet into an e-mail being sent through the client's computer. That's how I discovered I couldn't copy directly from my local IDEA to the e-mail application on the client computer.

I tried other apps (Notepad, Wordpad, Notepad++, etc.) running in the Remote Desktop and I'm not able to paste anything into them copied from IDEA. However, I've discovered that I'm able to copy text from all of my other local apps (including Eclipse Helios) directly into any Remote Desktop apps.

I have no problem copying from IDEA and pasting directly into any of my local apps.

I know this is all a bit quirky, but am hopeful there's just some bit that needs to be flipped to allow contents copied from IDEA to the Windows clipboard can be transported across the Remote Desktop boundary. I'm curious about why IDEA's copy behavior might behave differently than others. Maybe it's just a Java / Windows copy issue? Maybe Eclipse, being its non-portable SWT self, works more like a native Windows app while IDEA behaves more like a pure Java app?

Any ideas why IDEA behaves this way?  


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