Project View - Disable auto scroll selection to center

Hello All,

I am experiencing a slight annoyance with the Project View.

On a large project everytime I click on a node in the Project View tree, the whole tree scrolls to the center, which causes 2 problems. The first is that the IDE hangs until it scroll the tree to the center (maybe this has to do with the number of files?)

The second issue, is more of a preference, usually I name my classes in such a way so that they are naturally sorted and I can find them quickly in a tree view (file system). For example I usually have for a concept "A"


So when I wan to open AController, and I double click on it, on my next double click, since I have moved my mouse slightly down, AView is selected, when I really wanted AModel to be selected, this happens because the tree just shifted to the center.

So in summary, is there any way to disable this functionality?


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