Better Skin and Custom component generation ? (FLEX)

Heyas, I only created a new discussion as I can't find anything on the web about this and honestly expected intellij to do this better than fb4.

When creating a new skin the definition can be done from the smart menu after giving the skin a name, and then it'll ask for a package and create a skin.

But thats it. Any dependancies, required clauses or even stuff from the base skin classes that the skin is based on aren't added. Flash builder provides a much more in depth creation, asking a name, package, base class, options to remove/keep actionscript styling code ( if any ). In the case where a skinpart required definition, ij ignores/misses this and the app can't compile until you go searching for what those required bits are.

With custom components, it makes the file, then basically asks what the base class is. From the mx libraries, and no way of integrating the spark libs from what I can tell. Again, fb4 does this well, asking what to use as a base, including classes it finds you have already made as components either extending theirs or making your own from scratch.

Am I missing something, like a module I havent installed ? I find it hard to believe such a literally awe inspiring system could make such an epic faceplant. Bit sad about it actually, I thought I had found the holy grail for my actionscript endeavours.

Please someone tell me that I've just missed a module or a better workflow to get these things to match the quality of the rest of the ide....

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ok, found the spark namespace stuff if picking the flex 4 mxml component from the "list" of choices. but what about bringing in comments or enabling the extension of component classes already made ?

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Hi Dave!
Creating Flex Skin is easy when you do it via quick fix (actually writing usage and then creating whatever you need from usage is the most productive way of writing code in IntelliJ IDEA). See And couple of related requests that are not fixed yet, but planned to: and Feel free to add your comments or create a new request if you can suggest better workflow for working with skins.

Indeed there are 2 predefined MXML templates: for Flex 3 and Flex 4. You can add your own MXML templates and they will be suggested in this combobox. See File | Settinbgs | File Templates.

Please look for existing issues{Flex+Support}+%23Unresolved+ (add key words in Search field) and add your feature requests. We appreciate user feedback and try to fix valuable reuests quickly!


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