Ignore files/folders not case sensitive after update to 10.5

On windows 7 I have a dir named c:\dvlp\cvs\ where most of my project files are stored. In the "File Types" setting the "Ignore files and folders" setting has CVS as one of the values (using the default value I believe).

Under version 10.0.3 and earlier I can navigate to c:\dvlp\cvs\ and below in file open/create dialogs like opening projects, adding files to project libraries, etc. It would also correctly ignore the upppercase CVS\ hidden dirs that cvs uses.

After updating to 10.5, I can't see the c:\dvlp\cvs\ dir or anything underneath it in the file open/create dialogs. I can use the reopen recent project to open projects that are stored under there that were created using 10.0.3 but I can't navigate to that dir directly. I tried dragging a file or folder to the open dialog to have it access the path and it doesn't work. I also tried adding a library in one of the recent projects under that path and using the "Project Home" button in the add class file dialog but it doesn't go to the project home.

I also tried a fresh install without using my previous config from 10.0.3 but had the same behavior.

Is anyone else having this issue after updating to 10.5? Is the "Ignore files and folders" supposed to still be case sensitive? The default value still seems to be referencing case specific names so it seems like it should be. The full value I have in this setting is "CVS;SCCS;RCS;.DS_Store;.svn;.pyc;.pyo;*.pyc;*.pyo;.git;*.hprof;_svn;.hg;*.lib;*~;vssver.scc;vssver2.scc;__pycache__;.bundle;"

I checked the 10.5.1 release notes and I didn't see any mention of this. Should I create an issue for this or was this an expected change?


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