Primefaces widgetVar support


the Primefaces Support in IntelliJ IDEA 10 works quite well for me (as it's a valid JSF 2.0 implementation).
What I'm missing at the moment is an autocompletion for custom javascript objects that are bound to Primefaces nodes.

I.e.: a <p:button> element is backed by the button.js source file that defines a "Button" object:

PrimeFaces.widget.Button = function(b,a){ ... }

Now imagine a <p:button> element of the form:

<p:button widgetVar="myButton" value="Button Text" />

The "widgetVar" attribute enables the use of the "Button" object inside of Javascript Handlers, i.e.:

<p:button value="Test Button" onclick="alert(myButton.toString());" />

On the try to write the "onclick" internals there's an autocomplete for all common javascript methods (comming from EcmaString5.js and DHTML.js).
What I'm missing is an autocompletion that also recognizes the Javascript Resources that the Primefaces library contains.
(they are actually inside the META-INF directory of the primefaces jar file)

Is this planned for feature releases or already possible somehow?

- Marcel

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