10.5 errors joint java groovy compilation

I've seen a few topics around this in the discussion group but unfortunately the suggested solutions haven't worked for us.  Most of the solutions seem to be for pre - 10.5 versions.  We have a multi module project that's purely Java.  I'd like to introduce groovy for one of the modules since the module is a simulator and could use a dose of rapid development.

I've been able to successfully create a very bare bones single project/module with 1 java class and 1 groovy class and get the joint compilation to work successfully.  However; in our project that has 4 modules I get errors about "cannot find symbol" when I try to compile the module, after introducing a groovy class.  The usage is the exact same as the simple project.  I've introduced a new Main.java and a SimpleEcho.groovy.  When I try to build the project or the module I get the errors.
Here's what I've done:

  • Created a new src/main/groovy directory
  • Created a very simple SimpleEcho.groovy file
  • Referenced SimpleEcho.groovy from Main.java class located in src/main/java

I've tried clearing caches, re-creating the IntelliJ project via Maven idea:idea, etc... and have had no luck.  


I'm using IntelliJ 10.5 Ultimate, Groovy 1.8, Java 6.  At this point I'm blocked from using

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