Debugger works intermittently with physical device (Android)

I've done a quick search but didn't see this problem spelled out exactly this way.
I've bot IDEA Ultimate and have been working with Android on it for some time.  The debugger will attach to a virtual device 100% of the time
to debug and I get output just fine.  The problem is when connecting to a physical device.  I'm using an Xperia X10a (android 2.1) as the
test device and it's a windows xp system (a little dated, but it works ontherwise).  Everything runs just fine but the debugger will only
show output text 10% of the time that I try to run the debugger.  The rest of the time, the device seems to talk to the debugger, but no
output is displayed.  

I run this on an iMac as well with no problems, either with the device or the virtual device.  The debugger comes up fine 100% of the time on the iMac.
This problem only seems to come from the XP machine.

Is there a setting I've missed that I may accidently keep pressing?    I'd love to have any help on this.


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