Serious Subversion refactoring problems (#3368)

i am trying to work with Subversion using IDEA #3368.

However, renaming, moving files, renaming packages are failing due to local file access problems. For example when i want to change a class name it gives me this exception:

"Java IO exception cannot rename file .... to .... "

this makes SVN totaly unusable. we are using SVN 1.2 in our server, but it does not seem like a server issue.

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Forgot to add:
i am testing under windows xp.

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Again... moving packages don't work. I've warned about this a few
times :) The new plugin should be released sometime soon and all this
stuff should be working then. My opinion is that beyond add, remove and
commit of FILES not directories, don't do anything else with the
subversion plugin.



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