Ant integration, taskdef, and classpaths


When trying to integrate Launch4J into my Java project, and editing my build.xml file with Irida build 3370, I get an error flagged up by the IntelliJ editor ("red" in the bar on the right-hand side of the editor pane).

Here's the extract in question from my build file:

Here's the document I'm basing it on.

Changing the semi-colon (";") to a normal colon (":") makes no difference (for info, I'm running Irida on Windows 2000). There's no problem with the editor if I remove the second element in the classpath (";${launch4j.dir}/lib/xstream.jar"), but obviously that's going to cause a problem for the Launch4J task...

The XML editor in Irida for Ant could be improved to take into account this scenario.


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