File Templates missing in New Dialog

IntelliJ IDEA CE Version 10.5 with scala plugin 0.4.1041
Windows 7 Professional 64

I have 19 File Templates, some are default by IntelliJ standard and Scala Plugin and some i greated manually.
In new Dialog (right mouse -> new or alt + insert) are only few templates 5 to 6 visible. The Scala Templates are missing in context of app folder for example.

How can i tell intelliJ to show all templates.


How can i tell intelliJ that the folder where i want to use these templates is the one where they are needed.

Another question is why exists this functionallity that intellij hides templates from me, what for an benefit is behind that? i dont see it.

beforehand thanks for helpful hints.

In Version 10.0.1 i hadn't these problem.

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