regex plugin

if somebody knows how to write plugins, here is an idea for a simple

You put special comments near a Pattern declaration.  Some are for
strings that SHOULD match the regex and some for patters that should
NOT match.

Then in the IDE you can get the patterns verified without having to
run test code, ideally as you edit.
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Have you looked at the available Reg-ex plug-ins? What you describe sounds a lot like one of the available RE plug-ins I recall using once or twice in the past.

There are two that show up when I use the filter "regex" and I'd check out which one it was I recall using, but at the moment the plug-in server at appears to be down.

The plug-ins in question are:

  • Regexp Tester
  • RegexPlugin


The plug-in server came back. I tried installing both plug-ins, but while no error is reported when installing Regex Tester, it does not appear to be installed after restarting IDEA.

However, RegexPlugin does appear to be the one I recall using. I think you'll find it satisfies most of your requirements. Do check it out.

Randall Schulz


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