just realized why my SVN configuration didn't seem to apply anymore.
.subversion_IDEA seem to be a new thing.

Do I need to have both .subversion and .subversion_IDEA?

Can i reunite them, or just get rid of .subversion_IDEA?


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This was done since previous versions of IDEA wasn't able to store crypted credentials on Linux and Mac systems.
To don't rewrite credentials written by native Subvesrion, IDEA tried to use not standard directory for storing.

IDEA 10.5 should work fine with crypting credentials on Mac and Linux (this requires special setting http://old.nabble.com/GNOME-Keyring-support-td31183957.html), but for now we still keep separate directories by default. You can change it manually in IDEA Settings in Settings -> Version Control -> VCSs -> Subversion -> Subversion configuration directory


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