Exploded J2EE deployment: is this really still supported?

Hi there,

10.5 is almost out and J2EE exploded deployment (from a maven generated structure) is broken, again. It's become a pattern, for the last few releases we had to deal with the same type of problem and we had to beg and plead to have it put in a state where we'd, at least, be able to find a workaround. I realise maven support is not among the top priorities for this release, but can we at least have it left in a working state?



you could try to put idea project files under version control, check concrete files broken by maven synchronization and revert them as necessary. other files could be removed from vsrsion control

Regards, Alex


From what it seems, the maven generated structures are not entirely equivalent between IDEA 10.0 and 10.5, at least when it comes to artifacts/exploded deployment (everything else seemed to work fine). Cleaning up everything (out directories, artifacts) and modifying the pom.xml file (so the whole project structure gets regenerated) got me past the problem. Haven't tried to see if the project still works OK with 10.0 now, as I was itching to switch to 10.5 and I won't mess with it anymore, now that it works...


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