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I'm running IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.3 on my new headless desktop, but I'm actually working on it from my old notebook via a remote linux Xorg session over a 100Mbit LAN. The speed and responsiveness of the remote desktop is reasonable for most operations, but the slowly fading in  and out semitransparent tooltips are taking really long time to appear and disappear. Is there any setting to turn the fade in and fade out off? If not, is such a feature planned for some future release? This small configuration option would make a big difference in usability for my setting.. I have tried VNC, XPRA and the remote X session has fewest disadvantages so far..

Thanks a lot, best regards,
  Tomas Dvorak

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Hi Tomas,

we've also heard a good comments on NoMachine's NX server/client - you may well give it a try. Regarding your request - please file an isuue in the tracker.


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