Honor dependencies while compiling copies files around?

Does anyone know why the fact I've activated the "honor dependencies on compile command" now causes that on every compilation idea copies completely unrelated files (css, gif, js, ...) in my web application around?

I imagine this can be related in some way to the deployment dir for my webapp, but I really don't understand: when I try to compile a simple unit test which has nothing to do with the web part of my app, now the dialog spends a couple of seconds on "analyze package dependencies", then about 15 seconds on "parsing" the java file, and then starts copying css files around: it takes nearly one minute for a 70 lines class, and every time it re-copies the same files, even if the .java didn't change at all!!

Could I suggest to idea developers to at least add an indication of the directory where the files are copied? Currently it only mentions what file is being copied but it does not mention where.

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