How to define a server for local deployment (PHP project)


I've created a server configuration under Tools -> Deployment -> Configuration for access type "local". Web server root URL is http://localhost:8888. On the mappings tab I have my projects folder as "local path" and as "web path on server 'localhost'" I have something like /project. I.e. the project should be accessed as http://localhost:8888/project.

On the remote host explorer view I still see "Server 'localhost' does not exist."

What am I missing? Why can't I configure the htdocs root directory on the local file system? Won't IDEA sync my project folder and the htdocs?

Thanks and best regards

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Hello Soeren,

If your project is not under server web root, please choose 'Mounted folder' server. IDE actually does not care if it's a real mount, or just different local folder. Sorry for confusion, we will improve UI in the next versions.



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