CVS - How can I simply switch to another branch, simply merging with any local changes (vs forced to overwrite?)

This seems odd that I can not figure out a way to do this withing Intellij VCS, since from the command line or using SmartCVS is simple.

Say I'm working in Head. I modify some local config files that I do not want to check in.

I now want to switch the project to be using another branch but I want to keep the local config changes I made (they are rarely changed in version control.) How can I do this?

Intelliji prompts me that I made local changes and it only gives me the option to "overwrite locally modified files" or "cancel."  Why can't it just try to merge any remote changes with the locally modified files (which typically their won't be any merges even necessary.) Why does it have to "overwrite?" This seems very limiting of the IDE unless I'm missing something.

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