IDEA runs Make on update classes

We have a web application that is built with Maven from within IntelliJ IDEA.  The build process results in an exploded WAR that is setup as an artifact in IntelliJ which is then deployed to JBoss using a run configuration also within IntelliJ.  After it's running if we make a change and compile via Maven and then click "update resources and classes" on the running JBoss for some reason IntelliJ feels it needs to run Make.  This did not used to happen when we had a very similar build process with ant, it would instead detect the already compiled classes that had changed and hot swap them in JBoss.

I've already verified the following:

1. Module output path is identical to the Maven output.
2. The exploded WAR artifact path is identical to the path of the exploded WAR that Maven generates.
3. The run configuration is not set to run 'Make' or anything else.
4. The exploded WAR artifact is not set to build on Make.

Basically IntelliJ should NOT run Make, ever, under any circumstances.  All compilation and other build elements are done by Maven.  By trying to run Make it is preventing us from using hot swap as it refuses to simply update the classes in JBoss.  What else can I check to see why IntelliJ is trying to run Make?

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In your case IDEA indeed shouldn't run make on 'Update' action. Could you please create an issue for this bug in our tracker

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