Tests not started (lots of failures)

I have a question about running JUnit tests.

I have just inherited a project for which I'm running the tests. I have to re-create the classpath for the test resources, and in doing so, i realize a lot of the tests will fail before the cp is set up.

When I try to run the whole test suite knowing a lot of tests might fail, I see that IDEA won't run all of the tests. It will run about 50 or so (with about 80% of those 50 failing) and then quit. Is this a bug or a feature? I figured it might be a feature, but just curious how configure it.

Here is exactly the output from the test-statistics pane:

Tests Failed: 10 passed, 41 failed, 289 not started

Any reason why the 289 were not started?


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Christian, that is possible a bug in IDEA or it may be e.g. exception in setUp/tearDown which lead in tests were not started by junit.
Thank you

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I am having the same problem. It seems to be a bug/feature in the jUnit plugin that sets a timeout limit. The workaround that I found was selecting"fork mode: class". However, I cannot run the coverage test.

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Same here for Intellij Idea 2017.1.6 and 2018.2.


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