Jump to source does not work for unit tests??

When I press F4 to 'jump to source' for a unit test that fails, it doesn't go to the correct java source.

I have two modules in a project. One module is a maven project with a set of source and test files, and the second module is a maven module that we are refactoring but it has the same set of source and test files (same package structure and copy of the files) as the first module. When I run the tests for the second module, and hit F4 on a test that fails, it takes me to the source of the first module. That is definitely not correct, and I inadvertently edit the source for the first module when I intend to edit the source of the second module.

I have the test configuration set up exactly like the docs specify (Search for tests is set to "In single module"), the Use classpath and JDK of Module is set to "<Module2Name>" and Working Directory is set to the folder where the second module is on disk.

Shall I open a ticket for this? The behavior I am getting is clearly not expected.


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