Launching Chrome Incognito from IntelliJ

I am working on Java/Flex project, in which I frequently debug Flex using IntelliJ's Flex configuration.  The Flex configuration options allow one to select the browser of their choice.  Ideally, I'd like to to launch Chrome in Incognito mode, so that I'm guaranteed I'm seeing the latest project build and not a cached one. However, no matter what I try, I can not get it to load Chrome in Incognito mode.  I'm aware of Chrome's "-incognito" flag for launching, but it doesn't appear to be honored when I try appending it to the Chrome path or Use path in the Web Browsers dialog.  Anyone have any success with this?

(I'm using IntelliJ 10.0.3 and Chrome 10.0.648.205)

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Probably a workarond will work: write a script file that launches whatever and accepts file path (swf or html) as a parameter and specify path to it in IDEA's run configuration (Launch With: Flash Player)


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