Flex - external libraries & modules & projects & confusion...

hello all,

I've been using IntelliJ for the last few weeks for my Android development and have been very happy - so happy in fact that I decided I'd give it a try for doing some Flex/AS development.

I've got the default sample project working just fine but the project I'm working on uses an external library (flare) and I'm not able to get this to import correctly.

note that these are not SWC files - they are .as files in a Flex Project that are imported as external resources.

in Flash Builder they are added in the "Actionscript Build Path" pane in the "Library Path" tab - but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent area for import in IntelliJ.

there is a SWC import option in the Profile Configuration pane - but nothing for AS Libraries. I tried importing the Flare Project as a Module and while that worked it still did not fix the import problem...

I'd really like to give IJ a try as an Actionscript editor (not really that impressed with Flash Builder) but I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around the - shall we say "unique"? - Project structure in IJ.

I have to wonder why JetBrains set it up to be so different than the Eclipse Model - still trying to understand the relationship between Eclipse's Projects and Workspaces and IJ's Projects and Modules...

anyway - any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Bob!
Adding a library as raw .as files is not supported in IDEA. Originally it was done by design as IDE is supposed to compile only those source files that belong to project. But a lot of people asked for this feature, so one day we'll do it. Watch/vote http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-57200

Until fixed you need to store library sources in a separate module and add dependency of you main module on this library module. There should not be any issues with highlighting/coding assistance/compilation. If anything is still wrong for you please describe in details what problems do you have.


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