Can't create maven module from archetype

I'm using 8.01.
I just wanted to create a module with the archetype scala-archetype-simple.I used Idea for that (create new module->Maven module)
This was shown in the box where all the archetypes are listed.

I selected it, entered the groupid and the artifactId and clicked on Finish.

Idea created a default pom file.Just a pom.xml file, no source directory, no test directory. Just one file was generated.
I called "mvn archetype:generate" on the command line and got a totally different project structure generated.

Idea seems to be broken with the maven archetypes. Should I submit a Jira issue for this?

The only data generated by Idea:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

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I'm using IntelliJ9 and Artifactory as a proxy to the central maven repository, JBoss repository, etc...  I found that with Artifactory as a proxy (defined in maven/conf/settings.xml), IntelliJ had problems creating a project from an archetype.  Modifying settings.xml to go directly to the repository instead of using the proxy fixed it for me.


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