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Hi all,

Is there a tool/plugin or just some API one can use to inspect the index IJ builds? We run into issues now end then with broken completion and/or click-through to code. We have not found any characterizing properties which would allow us to build problematic scenario to base a case on. :(  Show the datastructure state/value could be enough to prove thing do go wrong and give maybe useful info for the devs.

So any toolor doc would be nice! A plugin to give insight into the index @runtime would just be super. Hell even a corruption detection would avoid some frustration.



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Hi Johan,
This highly depends on a task. There is no standard logical format for indices. Every subsystem that plugs in its own index defines the data format as well. So there is no generic solution. Index data, however, can be traversed using corresponding methods of FileBasedIndex class.



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