JavaScript auto complete on object creation

I can't to get auto-complete worked with 'new' operator.

I use "class" abstraction (Base.js from Dean Edwards or Class.js from John Resig) that have hidden method to instantiate object.
It called "init" or "constructor". Here is a sample code how i used it:

var Animal = Base.extend(     /**      * @lends Animal#      */     {         /**          * @class {Animal}          * @constructs {Animal}          * @param {String} name          */         constructor: function(name) {    = name;         },         name: "",         eat: function() {             this.say("Yum!");         },         say: function(message) {             alert( + ": " + message);         }     } );

When i use 'var a = new Animal()' i expect that i will have auto-complete on constructor params ('name' argument). But of course it doesn't happen.
Is there ways to write JsDoc that IDEA will know that 'constructor' method is a initialize method for Animal?

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