JBoss AS 5.1 Missing required file: /bin/run.jar only in IntelliJ 10

I had successfully configured a JBoss AS 5.1.0 to run and all was working not too long ago. Now All I get is the following error when I try to start the run configuration:

/Users/baus/Development/GateIn-3.1.0-GA/bin/run.sh -c portal
Disconnected from server
run.sh: Missing required file: /bin/run.jar

that file is there and it runs fine from the command line - any ideas on what could be causing this? I have re-done the configuration several times to no avail and another JBoss instance I have works just fine within IntelliJ and on the command line.

I would appreciate any suggestions.



There should be OS-X specific issue either with IDEA or JBoss run script.

We haven't find the cause by the moment, but you might be able to workaround the problem by setting JBOSS_HOME environment variable to



It turns out that the $JBOSS_HOME environment variable was empty which left only the last part of the path to the run.jar. Why it worked in the shell and not Intellij is a little baffling. I put a line in the script to set JBOSS_HOME explicitely and that got me over that bump.


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