IntelliJ IDEA with Ubuntu: Windows go missing

I'm using IntelliJ IDEA on a Ubuntu box and it works quite well....despite one extremely annoying thing:

If I have to open up several IDEA instances, e.g. to look into an example project (1st instance), digg inside the code of a prototype (2nd instance ) and create a new project inside the 3rd instance, the window icons on the taskbar go missing after a while and thus i cannot quickly switch to the project i want to see (using alt+tab ist not very efficient for me as all idea instances have, of cource, the same icon). Switching to the "missing" instance with alt+tab and minimizing it brings it back to the taskbar for a little while. this whole behavior is annoying ;-)

does anyone have the same problem or is there - even better - a know solution for this?



I've also experienced the same issue but since I usually work on one project at a time, it wasn't annoying enough to look deeper into this issue.
However, a fix for it would be great.


Hi Marcus,

This is likely due to Swing/X Window integration problem. More details here.


Wow, thank you all for the fast responses, the fix-skript on launchpad seems to be working for me.
And its good to know it'll be fixed in Ubuntu 11.04.

Happy developing :)


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