Maven Repositories


I am trying to start a new Maven project in Intellij IDEA 10.

I tried to add a dependency with generate dependency. I was hoping the "search for artificact" could search different maven repositories.
At least by default this searching does not work. Perhaps this is due that no repositories have been indexed yet?

So I found the Maven settings Repository Services.
I saw that is at the Indexed Maven Repositories. When I press update it is busy for a long time and then gives an error.

Is it possible to add other Maven Repositories? I only have an update button at that place.

Above there are Artifactory or Nexus Service URLs specied that I can edit and add. What are these for? How are they used?

Is there some documentation that fully explains how to use Maven in Intellij IDEA 10?

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Okay I think I have figured it out most now by myself.
I have given up on the auto-complete feature when adding a Maven dependency, because Intellij IDEA always fails when trying to download the index file from the central maven repository.
Perhaps due to the size. However there are enough online Nexus websites that can search through many repositories.
I now know that importing the changes from the pom.xml to Intellij IDEA will cause it to download the dependencies even when Intellij IDEA did not know about this library yet.
To download the sources and javadoc you can enable this in the settings, but had to reopen the project first to really work.

Still don't know what the Artifactory or Nexus Service URLs are actually doing Intellij IDEA.

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I am having the same problem.

I've recently bought a license and expected maven integration to be at least as good as the eclipse m2 plugin - dissapointed that I can't even create a new maven file and add one dependency.

My issue is exactly the same as Robert's.  If this is working, then it's pretty anti-intuitive.


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