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I used to be able to use the apache AXIS2 plugin to generate AXIS2 clients (wsdl2java) in intellij 8 . Most of the time I prefer to use the 1.2
embedded in IDEA. But in intellij 10 I can no longer use the AXIS2 plugin . I guess I need to go back to 8.0 to use it.

Are there any plans to allow AXIS2 client generation in the idea ?
Is there currently a way to do it now in intellij 10?

The only reason I need to use axis2 is for swa "Attachments" when connecting to a gSOAP server.

Thanks for the advice/answers


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Just an Update. I decided to take the JAX-WS approach since its in the ide and all I can say is wow.
It appears I was able to auto generate the client code and use MTOM for my attachments to gSOAP.
This was nice because I didnt even have to edit the wsdl bindings for MIME. Great Job thanks .
Alex Mcknight


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