Perforce integration makes IntelliJ very slow

We are on a remote site, using Perforce via p4p, the perforce proxy. Unfortunately this makes IntelliJ EAP all but unusable, and there is no way that we can NOT use the perforce plugin, as otherwise we will never be able to find all the files we have changed.

In 4.5.4, it is not too bad, as the perforce direct plugin (which i presume is what the perforce support in EAP is based on) does not try to provide full integration. It is still painfully slow to open files and move or rename them, but most operations are pretty fast once the files are open.

But in the recent EAP versions pretty much any operation causes a lot of chat between idea and perforce.

For example:
1. Hit Ctrl-N and choosing a file at random
2. Press ENTER to select the class

IDEA now chats with perforce for 5 seconds before the class is shown.

So my questions/suggestions are:

1. Is there a way to turn off the change stuff that is shown in the gutter, this is (I guess) why all the chatting is happening.

2. Is there any way that the plugin can work in a separate thread? When editing a file that is not yet checked out it can take up to 10 seconds to get the file open and editable. Could you change it so that the first time you edit a file that is read only, you immediately make the file writable and do all the perforce chatter in a separate thread?

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