How to make a jar from a subpackage only?


I have a project with one main package and many subpackages.

I don't want to include all the subpackages in the jar file, but I can't figure out how to select only the subpackages that I want to include in my jar file.

It seems like it's all or nothing. When I click on available resources, the only option I get from my project is "Compile Output" (Which includes everything) and the libraries I use in my project.

As a workaround I could start a new project, but would like to avoid this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Using Idea 9.x)

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Please take a look at ANT.

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Thanks Tom.
I was looking for something a bit more point'n'click.

Does IDEA offer such a functionality?

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You can press '+' button under 'Output Layout' tab, select 'Directory Content' element and choose output directory for the subpackage.

However it would be better to create a separate module and move the subpackage into it. This will guarantee that subpackage doesn't depend on classes
from other packages.

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