Unable to bootstrap JUnit test executor

I am needing to bootstrap the JUnit test executor to include the oracle ojdbc jar and transaction jar in order to successfully run a SpringSource

AbstractConfigurableBundleCreatorTests OSGi bundle integration test.  In Eclipse, the "Debug Configurations" - "Classpath" has a "Bootstrap Entries" option.  And using Maven command line, I am able to pass "-Xbootclasspath:/${HOME}\.m2\repository\com\oracle\ojdbc6\com.ge.cks.oracle.ojdbc6\2.3.0\com.ge.cks.oracle.ojdbc6-2.3.0.jar;"  But neither option is available or works in IntelliJ.  I have tried adding the ojdbc jar to my libraries and have tried passing the "Xbootclasspath" argument as a VM parameter or test runner parameter with no success.

Is there a way in IntelliJ to set this option?


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I was able to bootstrap the IntelliJ debugger using this VM parameter option:



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