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Hey IntelliJ IDEA users.

I'm a Flash Developer and I'm using FDT from powerflasher for my everyday work. Since it's Eclpise based, I guess it isn't necessary to explain why I'm looking for an alternative IDE. Yeah, I am trying out IDEA, but I miss a lot of essential functions. I have a list of missing features and I need a dotting the i's here, if these features are already implemented and I have to RTFM, or they aren't available.

1. Create a missing constant/property/method on corresponding class. In FDT it's qutie easy. Typing `Class.CONSTANT` is marked as invalid, and by pressing `⌘`+`1` key combo there's a tooltip allowing you to create a constant in class `Class`.After choosing that option, the class `Class` is opened, and `public static const CONSTANT:$Type = $value` is prefilled. I just have to type the type and value of newly created constant. It works the same way for typing anything that is not declared within the scope of opened class. So if i type something like `someMethod('a', 100, new Point());` pressing `⌘`+`1` will allow me to create a declaration of `someMethod` method with all arguments prefilled with proper types. Hitting `CMD`+`1`  on something like this `var myVar:VarClass` will open a dialogue that allows to create `VarClass` class. The bottom line – this kind of 'helper' is critical for my workflow and I wonder if it exists in IDEA?

2. Ability to implement all(missing) methods from an interface automatically or by a key press.

3. Memory Profiling

Thanks in advance.

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please see:

for creating missing methods/constants just use alt+enter,
for implementing overriding stuf, use alt+insert (at least on linux)

Memory profiler is currently missing (at least I think so, didn't work with AS for a long time)


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Hi Aleksandr! Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA!

1. Of course you can create class, interface, field, constant, function etc. from usage in IntelliJ IDEA. One or more quick fixes are suggested to almost each piece of red code. You invoke it using mouse click on a bulb or by pressing Alt+Enter. See some interesting examples in our blog

2. Again, you can either invoke quick fix on class name which is highlighted red untill all required methods are implemented. Or (and seems to be easier) press Ctrl+I (your shortcut may be different, see or Code | Implement Methods). By the way I recommend you to look through all IDEA menu items once, just to remember some capabilities. Next time when you need someting, but do not remember shortcut, or you are not sure if IDEA has required option, press Meta+Shift+A (Search | Find Action) and start typing functionality you need. For example if you type 'Implement' you'll find all respective actions, including 'Implement Methods'.

3. Memory profiling is not implemented yet.

So, general advice to start is to use 'Find Action' action and search field in File | Settings dialog.

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Thanks guys for the input. I'll give it a try!

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You might want to install ActionScript Profiler plugin
which contains initial support for memory profiling

On 18.03.2011 15:00, Aleksandr Makov wrote:

Thanks guys for the input. I'll give it a try!


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