Any way to have custom tag attribute value evaluation in JSPs?

In IJ 10 if I use a "message" tag fro like this:

<fmt:message key="" var="myvar"/>

If you Ctrl-mouse over or Ctrl-B on the key "", then IJ nicely resolves the value based on resource bundles and points me to the value in .properties file.
In other words Intellij knows that the "key" attribute of fmt:message tag points to the resource bundle value.

My question is: is there a way to have similar functionality for a custom tag, which is implemented as .tag file?

<mytags:mytag key=""/>

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Currently there's no way to do it. It looks similar to, so maybe it's time to
enable pseudo-language injection (via IntelliLang capabilities) for things
like urls, class fqns, and property references? Feature request is welcome.


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