Colored Marker does not appear in the Marker Bar

I am currently using IntelliJ 4.5.4.
And tried IntelliJ Irida out of curiosity.
I noticed something, the colored marker does not appear in the marker bar, but there was a highlighted expression(erroneous symbol) saying a brief description of the error. Is this an option that needs to be enabled?
Does anybody experienced the same thing?

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By the way, I was using Irida build#3316.

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Yup, they added a setting for gutter bar colors. If you haven't set the warning color, it is automatically set correctly, but if you have you have to set the new gutter color by hand.

Could have swore they said they fixed that, though.

--Dave Griffith

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Thank you very much for the quick response!
I know now where I have mistaken.
I have used my old(Idea 4.5.4) color scheme of my project,
wherein there was no check on error stripe mark check box(since this option was added in Irida, it does not exist in mycolorscheme.xml file)



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