Keyboard periodically freezes / becomes unresponsive - any ideas why?

I have been experiencing a strange problem for the past two days.

Periodically when editing Java files in a project in IntelliJ IDEA 10.2, it seems as if IDEA stops recognizing my keyboard. No keypresses - editing new text, moving around using the keyboard, etc., has any effect on the main editor window.

I know that my keyboard itself is working fine, as I can enter text into other programs such as Chrome or GVim just fine.

I attempted to install a clean version of IDEA to see if perhaps something became corrupted, but to no avail (I imported my settings from the old installation though, which may have made this effort fruitless anyway).

Has anyone experienced anything like this, or have any ideas where I could begin to look for explanations? Any log files kept by IDEA for example? Could any plugins be stealing the keyboard focus?

Some OS and Version info:

OS: Fedora Core 14
Kernel: Linux
GNOME 2.32.0

IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2
Build #IU-103.72
JDK: 1.6.0_23
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Hi Serge, thanks for the response. I don't have SCIM installed nor do I have any other windows that are set to Always On Top. Also I am using a US/English keyboard setup.

Also, as a matter of support, is it best for me to post issues like this here in the forums or in the YouTrack issue tracker?

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If you have the steps to reproduce, YouTrack is preferred.


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