SVN: commit resulting in "409 Conflict svn: resource out of date" on next commit

Hi guys.

Here is the problem. Sometimes if I commit into svn with idea the file in working copy does not get marked as of newest version. This means that if I try to commit the file again, svn server will always reject it because locally it is still of the version before the first commit. Updating the file doesn't get any changes from server. The only way to commit this file is to delete the working copy and checkout clean. So the workflow is like this:

  1. Modify file  
  2. commit with IDEA - OK  
  3. Modify file   
  4. commit with IDEA - 409  
  5. update - Already up-to-date
  6. ...  

This never happens with collabnet client. This is a very old issue with IDEA, at least two years.
I've submitted the bug twice
But it was rejected twice suggesting me to run update on working copy, which is ridiculous because i've clearly (I think) stated that this doesn't help.
Just thought if anyone else was also getting this kind of behaviour and could report it so that the issue would get proper attention. Right now i'm not able to commit with idea, everytime i try - i would not be able to commit the same file from this working copy, and this is super annoying.
Thanks, Oleg.

Irina Chernushina

Hello, I reopened IDEA-59556, and we will check it deeper.
Thank you for help!


I'll try to provide as much info as possible.


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