trouble with autoimport

I have some trouble:
when i write this

import org.anddev.andengine.entity.scene.Scene;

public void Kill( ITouchArea pTouchArea ) {
        scene.getLastChild().detachChild((Sprite) pTouchArea);

and i have not import ITouchArea, idea offers me make import. I use Alt+Enter and see this:

public void Kill( Scene.ITouchArea pTouchArea )

But i want next

import org.anddev.andengine.entity.scene.Scene.ITouchArea;

public void Kill(ITouchArea pTouchArea )

Is it possible ? (for example, eclipse always add import in right way)

ps sorry for my bad english. i hope, you understand what i mean

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could you please try File|Settings|Code Style|Imports|Insert imports for inner classes

Thank you

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Thank you, Anna. It`s realy work


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