IDEA project I'm on isn't aware of MouseEvents

For some reason the IDEA project I'm on isn't aware of MouseEvents

My namespace decs:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Panel xmlns:fx="" click="calculateTotalsIfRB_pressed"
         xmlns:mx="library://" title="Staff Review" width="931"
         implements="views.interfaces.IWiseView" height="635"

no autocomplete or import when "ctrl + space" with MouseE...
private function calculateTotalsIfRB_pressed(event:MouseEvent ):void {

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No completion, but does it become green if you type manually to the end? This is another strange thing like red 'includeIn' that nobody can reproduce. Try to remove and create again Flex SDK at File | Project Stucture | SDKs. Try File | Invalidate Caches and close/open IDEA. If nothing helps please provide more information about your project: how many Flex modules, or facets. Do all use the same Flex SDK? Which IDEA version, SDK version, OS, java. Make sure that source files are under source roots. Also you may attach your IDEA project files here (.idea folder and all *.iml files).


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