Flash builder 4 wizards allow you to config a build for debug and release seperately

I'm used to flash builder 4 where the wizards allow you to config a build for debug and release separately.

In IJ this is not quite clear to me the best practise for this as the make settings seem to suggest that there is only one way to build the modules.
I have read the following which proposes a solution:


which suggests that instead of creating a Flex Module, create a Java Module, and add 2 Flex Facet's to it. One facet will be configured as the debug facet, the other as the release facet. This process will create 2 swf files, debug and release versions.

I can do this but it seems more like a hack to me and would like other flex devs options :)

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There's a request to have 'Export release build' in the same way as FB does IDEA-62612. Though I'm not sure that we will implement it exactly in the way used in FB.
Currently you can enable/disable debug mode in IDEA using respective check box at File | Settings | Flex Compiler. These settings are applied for all Flex modules and Flex facets of the project, but Additional compiler options have presedence, so you can override project setting in that field for specific module/facet.

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Yes I see that, thx again 4 your quick help Alex


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