TFS Connection dialog is cycling

Problem:  It looks like trying to connect to a TFS 2010 server causes the TFS connection dialog to cycle.  I have to close some insane number of popup dialogs, before I can get into the Settings dialog to turn off version control with TFS.

Previous Experience: I've used the broken connection TFS 2008 server to keep my files from being set to an editable state, without checkout from TFS.  The TFS connection was broken about a year ago, and have had to use Eclipse to checkout my files, so that I can continue to use IDEA for development, however this workaround kept my version controlled files in sync.

Current Experience: So, I've been using an evaluation copy of IDEA 10, while waiting for our vendor management to purchase the upgrade to IDEA 10.  The reason that I upgraded to IDEA 10 was because we upgraded to TFS 2010, and I wanted to see if TFS now worked correctly with IDEA, which it does, yay!!  However, vendor management has not purchased the upgrade yet, so I've had to downgrade back to IDEA 9.

Here's the problem, now that the TFS connection dialog cycles insanely and I've had to turn it off, my files get changed out of read-only state, which I do not want, because I have to remember to go check for "Local Changes" in Eclipse before doing anything with TFS, and I'm concerned that I will lose some of my changes in the process and not have a great way to figure out what was lost.

Work-around: Is there a way to tell IDEA to not change the read-only status on a file?  Or, can you give me an extension on my evaluation copy of IDEA 10, while vendor management does its thing?

Thank you very much!!

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Hello Angela,

Let me clarify something.
1. Do you have TFS login popping up instantly in IDEA 9, which does not connect to TFS properly?
2. Does IDEA silently clear read-only flag on files you edit? (BTW, there's an option named 'Show Clear read-only status dialog' at File | Settings | Version Control | Confirmation page. When it's on, you get confirmation dialog for every file you're about to edit).

If you don't use IDEA 9 for version control, but use it for editing files, you can basically turn VCS off at File | Settings | Version control page (change TFS to <none>), so you will get rid of login dialogs at all.

Does this help you?


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Answers to the questions:

1) Yes, the login is popping up instantly and constantly in IDEA 9.  We upgraded to TFS 2010 about a month ago, so I think it might be related to the Default Collection stuff in 2010.  Before, I was able to have TFS turned on, but just not connected, which protected my files from being changed to writable.

2) Yes, I did have the silently flag turned on (because TFS was turned on, so I didn't need it).  I turned that off, so know I do get the confirmation dialog, which will help immensely.  Thank you!!

Answered my question, thank you very much!!!!

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You're welcome. Happy coding!


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