Autocomplete disappears at camel hump

Autocomplete seems to behave differently depnding on whether it came up automatically or I manually initiated with a keyboard shortcut. If it comes up automatically the autocomplete window disppears when I reach a camel hump in the options that would be availble to me. The easiest example is .get. Like many folks, I run across a lot of methods that start with get in both my own code an libraries. I type "." and the autocomplete pops up. So far so good. I continue "g", then "e". Still working. Then "t" and boom... the autocomplete window goes away. There are obviously still many options to choose from and a few more letters would narrow down the list nicely so that I can easily select one. If I continue typing then the autocomplete windows comes back, which is ok, I guess. I would prefer that the popup behave in the same manner that it does when I bring it up manually; that is, it should stay visible until somthing is selected.

Is there a setting I can change make the two autocomplete behaviors behave the same?

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Hello, Matthew,

Not hiding autocomplete when the exact match is reached also has some downsides.
The problem is discussed here:
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