Editing Commit Changes Author List


Can anyone suggest how to remove or edit items in the Commit Changes > Author (drop-down) list which specifies the person who created the changes to be checked in?  For some reason one of the authors in that list has (a) been duplicated (b) throws an error on checking in changes to GIT?



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Hi Simon,

Currently there is no way to remote items from the Author drop-down list.
The list is generated from all authors found in 'git log'.

Which error do you get? Can you make a screenshot?

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Hi Kirill,

Thanks for your reply.  I get path spec issues using one author compared with the other e.g.

error: pathspec 'src/com/newtriks/views/videoUI/skins/VideoViewSkin.mxml' did not match any file(s) known to git.

? Any ideas

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Looking through the .git/logs I can see a consistent name <email> through out the files, I wonder why it has duplicated this entry in the Author list?


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