Managing IJ 9, IJ 10 Licenses.

So far we have IJ 9 related license keys. We will be getting some IJ X license keys. I need your advice on the best way to manage these license keys (both IJ9, IJ 10).
My only constraint is: IJ 10 license related tickets should be issued to only IJ 10 instances (and *NOT* to IJ 9/IJ 8/IJ 7 clients).
One option is to import IJ 9, IJ 10 keys into a single license server and configure the license server as per the above constraint. Is it possible to configure intellij license server as per the above constraint?

Another alternative is to import IJ 9 keys into a one license server and IJ 10 keys into another license server and let IJ 9, IJ 10 point to their respective license server urls. I know that intellij 9 uses '_jetbrains-license-server' DNS entry for auto discovery of the license server. Is it possible to specify a different DNS entry value for IJ 10 (this DNS entry will point to IJ 10 licenses related server).

Or, do you suggest any other alternative?

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