monumental Code Reformat bug

excerpt of what it looks like when Code Reformating on a certain class:


  • @see AdherentDAO#      Ad

    ts(java.util.Map, int, int)
    @ essWar ings( "unchecked"}) @NotNull
    public final List map, fi al int pageSize, fi a
        eResu ts) th ows D O xception
          fin l Stri g opAnd = " AND ";

        nal St ing o W ere = " where ";

        ery =   from Adheren   here ";

        String a
        re  = map.get("adherentSiret")

            sN tBlank(adherentSiret)) {
                trim( .l ngth() < 14) {
                query +=  ( DHERE T SIRET
            e entS r
            } else {
                query  = "(AD E ENT_SI

        String adherentRaisonSoc
        p. et("adherentRaisonSociale");

and it goes on and on.... the whole class get corrupted.

So far it happens on this specific class only.
It has in particular, maybe, a lot of @Language("SQL92") annotation on
a lot of String sql script.
This happens since I turned a lot of code naming inspection on and soft
wraps on as well.

I guess it will be very hard to reproduce....

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Hi nodje,

I'm afraid we can't fix that if we're unable to reproduce it.

Please submit corresponding bug-report to IJ tracker and provide the following information with it:

  • exact source file that brings the troubles to formatter;
  • code style settings;
  • IJ log if it contains any exceptions related to reformatting;



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