Modification gutters when version control set to None


I am very fond of the file modification gutters in IntelliJ.

We are using SubVersion and I chose that as my version control in
IntelliJ, but as we all know it is not very baked at the moment and is
harmful at times.

So I am not using it anymore, and instead I chose SourceSafe as the
source control system in IntelliJ just to have the modification gutters.
When I commit my changes to SubVersion (through Tortise), I switch to
'None' to reset file modification status and then back to SourceSafe,
which is of course a very crude way to keep modification indicators show up.

This caused me to think that the modification gutters would be useful
even for a person working without integration with a version control system.

I think that modification gutters should work even with no version
control system integration selected. What's missing at that point is
when to reset file status.

This could be done in several modes:
1. When file changes externally (this method won't work for SubVersion,
of course).
2. When user right clicks a file / package / module and selects to reset
modification status.
3. Maintain modification status as long as the file is open (i.e. when
it closes, modification status is reset).

Since I can't see how any one of these would be useful for everybody, I
suggest having those configurable (i.e. user can turn on or off any
combination of those). To me I think #2 would be the most useful.

Any thoughts from this fine community and JetBrains are most welcome!

Amnon I. Govrin

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