How can i hide(filter) certain files in a project view?

Hello i am trying to use Intellij IDEA with Spring Roo and so far i am only having problems with lots of generated mess being shown in a project view.
I am attaching a screenshot where you can see what exactly is the problem:
i would like to hide all the files with either _Roo_ or *.aj
is there a way to do so? it's probably not a problem with 2 entities but imagine having 20-30 entities like this...
Thanks in advice


oh cmon, it can't be impossible, right?
i just can't find where to set this up...
there are even videos on ur website about how customizable IDE is


sorry, but no way
you can hide only folders, not files

though you can exclude files from compilation and from copying them to exploded dir


Actually, you can filter files from the Project view. The feature is known as Scopes. Select Scope from the dropdown in the Project view and a new button named Edit Scopes will be availabe in the Project view toolbar. Click it to add scopes that include/exclude files and folders from the Project view. It understands wildcards. You can also get to it from Project Settings.



finally! thanks a lot :)
adding a new scope with pattern !*_Roo_* solved the problem


Thanks for explaining this Grant! This feature is amazing!


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