Can I see the raw make/build output?

I am trying to compile an AIR project that uses Flex 4. I can get it to compile under "normal" circumstances, but I would like to tell the compiler to use the "-compatibility-version" flag. Trouble is, when I add the compatibility-version flag to the "additional compiler options," my .swf no longer gets generated. However, IntelliJ tells me that the compile had 0 errors and it appears to think that everything is fine. That made me want to actually see the compiler output. I can't figure out how to do that, but I did experiement with changing the compiler to use either the "Flex Compiler Shell (fcsh)" or the "Mxmlc/compc" shell. However, when I use those shells, IntelliJ does give me an error near the end of the compilation, but it is not helpful:

"Error: null"

That's all it says.

I would really like to see the output of the compiler somehow so I can debug this a bit better. Is there a way for me to see the raw output somehow?

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To get really raw compiler output you can launch compiler from command line. I'd recommend to launch mxmlc/compc compiler from IDEA once more, take compiler command that is printed in Messages tool window and then launch the same command from command line.

Different behavior of Built-in compiler shell and fcsh/mxmlc/compc in IDEA is a bug. Please paste full content of Messages tool window here, we need this to fix the issue. (Use 'Export to text file' button to copy content easily)


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